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The TimberMaxx is the perfect XXL wooden squeegee for large-scale adhesive bonding in the advertising industry. You can get it in 11 different sizes so that you have the right size for every application.

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Yellotools TimberMaxx Floor Flexi squeegee adapter for floor applications

Turn your TimberMaxx into a floor squeegee! 

Yellotools TimberMaxx XXL signmaking squeegee

Apply an entire graphic in one pass!

$27.12 - $67.99
Yellotools TimberMaxx Lip Micro 30 wooden squeegee

Our TimberMaxx with a Flexible Lip!

$54.37 - $163.98
Yellotools TimberMaxx Atis variants

The latest addition to the TimberMaxx family!

$61.18 - $81.61
Yellotools TimberMaxx Atis Lip variants

The Ultimate TimberMaxx Squeegee! 

$81.61 - $130.65
Yellotools TimberMaxx Frost wooden squeegees

Perfect for wet application of decorative films!

$27.12 - $47.55

Replacement FeltPads for TimberMaxx

$5.46 - $14.85