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APE MagCarpet magnet patch

Flexible Magnetic Patch with 8 strong magnets

Yellotools GeckoPatch Power self-adhesive magnet pads

Our Newest GeckoPatch with more POWER! 

$13.49 - $27.12

Flexible plastic stripe with magnets

$33.93 - $54.37
 Yellotools MagPatches with mounting magnets

Microfiber mounting magnet protector

$2.59 - $13.49

Use magnets on glass, plastic, aluminum, WHATEVER!!

$13.49 - $33.93
Yellotools SpeedMag HD mounting magnet

Super strong! Our most popular magnet.

Yellotools FlatMag HD mounting magnet

A lower-profile magnetic solution

Yellotools Gene-ius Mag HD mounting magnet

Strong magnet with ergonomic handle

Yellotools LongMag HD mounting magnet

Longer handle for leverage, or hanging storage!

Yellotools BigMag HD mounting magnet

XXL magnet for heavy-duty applications